Free Jump Soft Up Classic Stirrup

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Engineered for improved shock-absorption, Soft'Up Classic stirrup irons significantly reduce strain and pressure for both horse and rider. With 3 times more cushioning than traditional irons, Soft'Up Classic stirrup irons have a slightly more forward center of gravity. This subtle adjustment causes a backwards shift of the tread which, in turn, helps the rider to keep their heels down. The flexible outer branch ensures that the rider's foot does not get caught up in the case of a fall. A wider carbon tread features 12% more surface area for improved comfort and reduced pressure on the arch of the foot. Replaceable, angled studs offer improved grip and security. The larger, open eye is set parallel to the tread.


  • Newly redesigned to reduce strain on each stirrup by up to two-thirds
  • Three times more cushioning than a traditional stirrup
  • Relieves pressure on the rider's joints and horse's back
  • Wide carbon tread is 12% larger than traditional stirrups
  • Wide, grippy tread features 9 treated studs (replaceable if worn)
  • Open eye design is suitable for use with FreeJump Wide Classic Stirrup Leathers
  • Flexible outer branch prevents foot from getting hung up
  • Aircraft-grade spring steel branch for optimum mechanical strength
  • Eye set parallel to the tread for the first time.

    Please note that some colours may be Special Order and may not be immediately available.

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