Evolution Streamline 3Spine Square Dressage Pad

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The Evolution dressage saddle pad is designed to work with the Evolution Streamline 3Spine System. This innovative three piece system works to protect your horse from uncomfortable heat and pressure caused by ill-fitting saddle pads. The Evolution 3Spine system secures the saddle pad to the underside of the saddle, pulling it up and into the gullet or channel of the saddle where it will not shift, rub or cause harmful pressure points.
Note: CS112EV refers to the saddle pad only. The 3Spine component pieces can be purchased separately (CS225EV and CS224) or as part of a set (CS112SET)

The Evolution Pad:
Part of an integrated system to protect your horse's back from hot spots and pressure points, the Evolution pad is designed to outperform traditional saddle pads. The pad's unique four layer construction ensures a high level of comfort for your horse:
Layer 1 - Soft, moisture-wicking, Technoline lining moves sweat away from your horse's skin. Stain resistant and colour fast.
Layer 2 - 3D Mesh for optimum ventilation and air flow.
Layer 3 - Premium quality Polyfill for stability and structure.
Layer 4 - Durable Poly/Cotton outer for strength and durability. Colour fast and stain resistant.

Additional Pad Features:

  • Ergonomic, low profile design
  • Durable, reinforced girth area
  • Reinforced wither area
  • Reinforced Button Hole Slits

  • How it Works - the Evolution 3Spine System:
    A flexible Velcro Saddle Component (CS225EV - sold separately) is inserted in the underside of the saddle, centered between the panels and positioned as close to the rear of the saddle as possible. Flexible and discreet, this attachment can remain with the saddle and can be cut-to-size depending on the width of your saddle channel. The Velcro patch should be centered and facing out. Evolution 3Spine saddle pads are designed with a heavy duty Velcro strip sewn to the spine of the saddle pad. This Velcro patch secures the pad to the saddle component and pulls it up and into the channel of the saddle, away from the horse's back. The front of the pad is secured with specialty D-Ring straps (CS224 - sold separately) designed to keep the pad in place and prevent the pad from spreading and dropping down on to the sensitive wither area.

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