HandsOn Gloves

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Revolutionize the way you groom with HandsOn® Grooming Gloves. Comfortable and easy to use, these versatile grooming gloves are all you really need to groom your horse. HandsOn Grooming Gloves can be used wet or dry and are perfect for working up a lather when bathing your horse. Hair won't stick to them and your horse will love the massaging action.


  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Secure fitting
  • Scrubbing nubs or nodules clean thoroughly
  • Hair will not stick to gloves - just shake it off
  • Massage action improves circulation
  • 5 Fingered versatility lets you adjust the pressure and contact
  • Helps distribute oils for a shiny coat
  • Your hands stay clean
  • Your horses will love it!
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