Saddle Pads

Designed to be placed between the saddle and the horse, saddle pads offer additional cushioning and protection for the horse’s back.  Saddle pads are available in wide range of styles, sizes and colours to suit a variety of needs. Contoured sheepskin or gel half pads help to improve the fit of your saddle, while gel and memory foam saddle pads effectively reduce concussion while preventing the saddle from slipping or rubbing.  Generally made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, quilted saddle pads play an important role in temperature regulation and moisture control. Thinner “baby” pads are easily laundered and are perfect for every day use. Whether you are searching for a schooling pad or show pad, you will find a full range of  Jumper, Dressage and Western saddle pads from leading names such as Acavallo®, LeMieux®, Schockemohle®, Olgivly® and Roma®.