CLEAROUT-PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution Bridle

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The PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution Bridle was the 2014 Riding Product of the Year and it's not hard to understand why! Completely anatomical, all features of the High Jump are unique and patent pending. The anatomical noseband does not put any pressure on the teeth, eliminating any possible bit complications. The rolled leather noseband bows are flexible and adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for any horse. The noseband fastens with a convenient snap under the jaw, which is removable for competition, and is complete with padding on the cheeks, over the nose, under the jaw, and beneath the chin. The anatomical crown is generously padded and fan shaped, ensuring the best pressure relief design. The cheek pieces have ingenious cradles, which suspend the bit in the horse's mouth to further relieve pressure on the poll and steady the bit in the mouth. They are optional and constructed to be easily changed by you! The anatomical, padded browband cleverly snaps on and off, allowing you to switch out your browband without taking apart your bridle.


  • Awarded Riding Product of the Year 2014
  • Completely anatomical
  • Noseband eliminates all pressure on teeth
  • Noseband has removeable snap for convenient and quick closure
  • Padded throughout
  • Wide, fan shaped, padded crown
  • Optional cradles for bit
  • Anatomical browband easily snaps on/off
  • All features are patent pending

    This bridle fits so perfectly and securely, that you don't need a throatlatch! Throat latches are sold separately and attach easily, to comply with some national/international regulations for shows. We recommend you check your discipline specific rulebook.

    If you're choosing between two sizes, we recommend that you size up. For a proper fit, the flexible bows on the noseband need to be adjusted individually for a perfect fit.

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