CLEAROUT-Mikmar Comfort Dressage Girth

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The Mikmar Comfort Dressage Girth was developed when scientific studies proved that a tight, rigid girth inhibits the horse's performance by restricting respiratory function and compressing muscles. Results were spasms, restricted movement, decreased power, uneven gaits, defense reactions, and refusals. The Mikmar Comfort Girth has a wide center of Gibaud, a durable stretch panel, lined with natural rubber. Shaped perfectly for the horse's sternum, it keeps your saddle secure and centered, while allowing your horse's ribcage to expand for proper respiratory function. The girth includes an innerwoven safety strap, which prevents riders from over tightening the girth and improves durability. Ends of the girth are made of high quality leather and stitching, with fold-over billet protection.


  • Eliminates the classic girth restrictions on respiratory and muscles
  • Stretchy, pressure distributing center panel of Gibaud
  • Wid center panel lined with natural rubber, shaped to mimic the horse's sternum
  • Keeps your saddle centered
  • Innerwoven safety strap to prevent from over tightening
  • High quality leather, stitching, and buckles
  • Fold-over billet protection

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